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Meet Our Members


Pipe Major:  James Bruce

Recently elected as Pipe Major (Aug 2021), James had previously been an experienced piper within our ranks.

During the week, James can be found in the corporate world.  When not doing that, you'll find him playing his pipes, cycling, or skiing in Japan.

Pipe Sergeant:  Richard Knight

Richard joined the band in 1981, was Pipe Major from 2001 – 2014 and is a Life Member. He sees his role as keeping the Pipe Major on his toes without treading on them.

Away from the Band Richard is the Financial Controller for a Water Treatment Company and takes any opportunity to escape to Hawks Nest.

doug 1.jpg

Drum Major:  Doug Hall

Doug is 6ft 2", multi talented, has a loud voice, (required for commanding the band on parade), As well as drum major, he is also an active tenor drummer within the ranks.

When not herding the band into military form, you'll find him in the bush camping with his family, or on his boat!

Drum Sergeant:  Ross Culbert

Ross is a drumming legend, having played in bands across Australia over the years at the highest competition level.

Ross is a self confessed family man, and when not at band can be found around the pool with his grandkids.

ross 3.jpg

Band President:  Victor Kerr

Vic is a Life Member and an active Piper amongst our ranks.  

When not at practice Vic can be found swimming, playing tennis or visiting family in Glen Innes (Northern NSW).

Band Secretary:  Melissa Cameron

Mel is originally from Victoria, and is an acclaimed academic and scientist.  In addition to her role as club secretary, she is an active side drummer.

Outside of Thistle, Mel can be found socialising around Sydney's Inner West or buying new toys for her beloved cats.



Pipe Major:  James Bruce 
Pipe Sergeant:  Richard Knight

Pipe Corporal:  Matthew McNeil
Pipe Corporal:  Victor Kerr


Elgan Alcorn, Oliver Calman, Jeremy Child, Glenn Craig, Dave Dillon, John Elliott, Bill Grennall, Mark Hamill, Ian Mason, Tim Mitchell, Stuart Robinson, Ian Triplett, Espie Watt, Graham Wood.


Drum Major:  Doug Hall

Drum Sergeant:  Ross Culbert 

Drum Corporal:  Steve Wells

Side Drummers

Melissa Cameron, Dave Cormack, Greg Lemme, Grant Lloyd, Ryan Lui, Doug Whitson

Mid Section

Amy Dillon, Doug Hall, Kristen Koumakis, Steven McAleer, Cheryl Wells, Keith Wright

Our Members: Who We Are
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